Corporate Team Building & Group Sailing Lesson Programs

Our corporate clients turn to teambuilding for a variety of reasons. Some are looking to host a productive team building session with specific goals in mind. Others prefer to have a general interactive activity to promote camaraderie. Maybe a sales team desires an incentive or reward for their successful efforts. Whatever your goals might be, Chicago Sailboat and Yacht Charters can create a beneficial and memorable experience.


Success in the contemporary business environment is the result of numerous factors. Primary among the elements contributing to the success of an endeavor, corporation, or project is The Team, a group of individuals who must act in concert to mutual benefit and overall heightened achievement.

The creation of a winning team is no accident.

The benefits of corporate team building have long been lauded for the advantageous effects they have on individuals and groups. Activities outside of the workplace can create bonds and levels of understanding which carry over into the office, increasing collaborative efficiency while contributing to the presence of a positive working environment.


Sailing is a special kind of sport. Each individual on a vessel assumes a set of responsibilities. These responsibilities sometimes require individual attention and decision-making, and at other times will overlap with the tasks of others and necessitate cooperation. At times an individual might find it important to follow the commands of a fellow crew, and then shortly thereafter that same person might be called into a leadership role.

Just as in a business environment, both individual initiative and team cooperation are rewarded. And, as is commonly the case in the competitive business landscape, a sailing team must continually adapt and overcome to constantly changing conditions.

Sailing offers a unique, fun and exciting team building exercise. Your skipper-instructor will coach you as a team in the basics of sailing. You will learn how a sailboat works, what all of the lines and hardware do, handle lines & winches, steer and trim the sail, working together as a team, and learning how to sail the boat efficiently.

In partnership with our professional facilitators, a corporate team-building event can be designed to improve upon specific issues within the team. We’ll need your input, particularly at the early planning stage, to define the issues important to you and your desired business outcomes.

These can include:

  • Improving communication
  • Enhancing emotional intelligence
  • Crisis management and conflict resolution
  • Problem solving
  • Understanding and overcoming barriers to change
  • Building a new team
  • Improving productivity
  • Encouraging teamwork


Every event we conduct is custom-tailored to our clients’ needs, and will work with you to achieve your goals within your budget. We offer events ranging from a couple hours in length, to multiple days. We can host groups from 4-10 people at a time. We can provide a full suite of services, including food and beverage services, team gear/clothing, company branding on the boats, photo/video production, etc. Please contact us to discuss your event today.



Scenic sailing excursion around the venue of your choice. Participants may be as active as each individual likes in the sailing of the vessel.



Learn the basics of sailing and test your skills against your fellow employees.



Test your sailing skills against your co-workers, its educational, fun and exhilarating.



3 hour Program schedule

Short welcome meeting ashore with program overview and team building concepts related to sailing.

Overview of program – Explain What will happen over the next 3 hours

Educational session on sailing basics and the language of sailing (20 minutes)

Basic Keelboat Training & Physics of sailing (20 Minutes)

Explanation of sails, Rigging, winches, lines, navigational instruments including wind speed & direction, auto pilot and GPS course plotters. (20 Minutes)

2 Hours on the water learning how to actually sail, team building exercises and enjoying the freedom of sailing.