Safety is the number one rule in Boating.
The most dangerous times are leaving the dock and returning so please give us your undivided attention.
Please let us know if you have any Boating or Sailing experience?
If you don’t know how to swim please let us know. Please wear a Life preserver or at least keep it very close to you. Ages 12 or younger must wear a flotation device at all times.

No over drinking

Use the buddy system, don’t let friends drink too much and try to swim it does not work. If the captain see anyone being over served we will first ask them to stop drinking and if they continue we will cancel the rest of the trip and head back to shore. I will ask the coast guard to bring you to shore. We won’t allow anyone w deem to be drunk on our boat.

No red wine please

Eat food all day. Drink plenty of water.
Please try and leave your phone in the cabin. They don’t float. We have a charging cable on the table to the right of the stairs.
We have plenty of life preservers under the stairs going down to the cabin. If you take one bring it back to the boat.


Stay directly off the back of the boat so we can see you at all times.
We have a ladder on the back. Don’t swim if you’re drunk.


Instructions are on the wall of the bathroom – please read them. Toilet paper please use no more than 5 squares at a time. Find the flip lever and the pump handle.  Start with the lever to the left pump 3 times, which brings water into the toilet, do your business. Flip the lever to the right pump till bowl is empty. If it gets clogged tell me right away.